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I am completely new to this!! 

I came off the pill last week and have read how some women get pregnant very quickly and others it can take months/years. 

I would love to hear everyone's stories and any tips!! 

Thanks xx


  • Me and my hub were trying for 5 month first time around falling on the off month were we were so busy and never had chance to think about trying and this time 9 month and nothink then hub was away working for 2 months he came home for 1 week and we bd like crazy as we had missed each other and bang im 2 months pregnant now my advice is do not try 2 hard injoy each other the more i tryed the more i failed each time i never thought about it i fell good luck and lots of baby dust x

  • yeah I have always heard that trying too hard can stop it happening! I'm trying to not try too hard and just see what happens!! 

    Thank youimage

    Oh wow!!! Congratulations!!!! image 

  • My tip is start charting your basal body temperature every morning before you get out of bed with a digital thermometer. You can Google how to chart it but it is the best way to pinpoint when you ovulate. Every month make sure you have sex a few times in the days leading up to ovulation day as well as on the day itself to get the sperm inside you ready and waiting for the egg. Good luck!

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