hi everyone,

im new here and ive read alot of you guys post and feel this is where i need to be because i can relate to alot of you women 

i think i might be pregnant and ive had some unusual discharge that is milky and stretchy which is strange to me but i normally have either or never both can you tell what this might be? 

thank you any comment will be helpful i just need a better understanding on whats going on 


  • Hiya,

    If I may ask where are you in your cycle right now? Stretchy discharge usually happens at ovulation time and milky happens just before or just after ovulation or sometimes in early pregnancy. If your period is late or due in the next couple of days take a pregnancy test. Keep us posted!

  • I ovulated on the 1st of October my period is due on the 15th but ive never had white milky stretchy discharge its only either stretchy or milky this will be my first baby and im really hoping im pregnant

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