Does anyone else see a faint line? Im going crazy!!

Im going crazy thinking i see a faint line and its probably me just wanting to see one but i hate waiting i just want an answer. Ive had pregnancy symptoms for the past 4 days, i woke up the 1st day with extreme nausea that it kept waking me up from my sleep at 4am and by 5am when i finally got up thinking i was going to puke nothing happened, and nothing happened the whole day except severe nausea. I couldnt eat anything or be around food it would all just trigger me. That same day my breasts have been severely tender and my nipples are constantly hard i cant even wear a bra with padding. Also having light on and off cramping, sorry for tmi but noticing more discharge as well. Is anyone else going through this hell? image





  • When is your period due? Testing before its due will only drive you crazy with faint are they or aren't they "lines". I speak from experience!

  • My method of birth control took my period away and when i stopped the bc i had very very irregular periods. But the last time i had light sporting for a week that was two months ago, i completely skipped September which i never noticed as a sign because of how irregular my periods are

  • Maybe test again in a week and if still negative, ask your doctor for a blood test.

  • I had the same thing happen to me, I tested 6 days before af due and could swear I could see the faintest of lines on the hpt, drove myself mad, left it two days and got a negative, then two days later done a Clearblue test which came back with bfp. So maybe wait another few days and try again, I know its hard.

    good luck x

  • I forgot to add that when I got the faint positive on my hpt I could only barely see it to the point I convinced myself it was me eyes playing tricks on me lol.

    I even took a picture of if like you to send to my friend and in the pic you couldnt see the line as was so faint.

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