Pregnant or not?

Hi I was wondering if there was a  positively on me being pregnant. My last cycle was on September 17 only lasted 3-4 days . On September 20 I conceive ..every Saturday I would conceive with my husband only Saturdays though. I had been feeling pregnancy symptoms for example ; feeling nauseaous after eating, vomited once in the morning, rhinitis , fatigue, feeling hungry every hour, had headaches a few times , my pubic hair wouldn't grow for a week also, and currently right now I have montgomery glands around my areolas..did a pregnancy test both came out negative not sure if it's too early and definitely not pregnant. My next period is due on October 17. I also did a home pregnancy test which is using bleach and my urine the results where positive ..helpp??


  • You have tested too early hun. You need to wait until your period is due to test so take another test on the 17th. 

  • Your other post said you started your period on the 14th.. your cycle is from the 1st day of your period not the last day. But again you do still need to wait until you are due on your period. 

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