Hello everyone my name is Caroline my husband and I have decided to come off the pill it is been one week and a day since I've been off the pill and we are now trying to conceive any advice or experience would be helpful  I am now waiting for my period 


  • Hi Caz,

    Your cycle might take a few months to become regular after coming off the pill so don't worry if you don't fall pregnant right away. My biggest tip is to start charting your basal body temperature every morning before you get out of bed with a digital thermometer. You can Google how to chart it but it is the best way to pinpoint when you ovulate and how regular you really are. Every month make sure you have sex a few times in the days leading up to ovulation day as well as on the day itself to get the sperm inside you ready and waiting for the egg. Sperm can live for three of four days inside you but your eggs only live for one day.

    Also make sure you start taking folic acid supplements now before you even get pregnant and cut caffeine down or out of your diet to create the best environment you can for a baby. Good luck!

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