Help Me?! Confused.

me and my husband have been trying to conceive recently however nothing has happened. I took a test yesterday but it showed negative... (I know you can take too early and get a false negative) 

Today, i was eating my lunch and had this horrendous blood taste afterwards... been happening a few days but today was worse. I'm experiencing a lot of bloating, tiredness and sore boobs but I don't quite know what happening... 

Am I pregnant and just testing too early?? 


  • Which dpo are you? And how sensitive was the test? 

  • DPO? I took a clear blue test but it took forever to load. 

    ive taken that one before and it was a faster loading time. 

  • Hi hun dpo means when u ovulated if ur tracking it when was ir last perion clear blue are not very sensitive try a first response they are stronger and first morning urine good luck x baby dust to u

  • My last period was end of the last month, so I'm very much in my ovaualtion I would say right now but I'm slightly confused that's all as I haven't quite been tracking it properly, we've just been 'hopeful' 

    I'm going to wait another 2 weeks before I do another test. but I will definetly keep you updated :) 

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