Am I pregnant

I had my period on the 21st of September for 5 days then on the 27th of September me and my husband had sex I was also on antibiotics at this time then about a week later on the 4th of October I had bleeding again lasted 4 days but wasnt like normal I've taken 4 HPT all negative I've been getting symptoms and bad cramping like I'm getting my period which would be due but don't know if I've had implantion or another period I did miss a couple of pills but I've missed pills in the past and I've never had a period early I'm confused 


  • Hi hun. How long are your cycles? Taking pregnancy tests before your period is due doesn't always give an accurate result, and most women don't ovulate until day 14 of their cycle (based on a 28 day cycle) which would have been October 4th for you (ish?) if you only had sex on the 27th you probably weren't ovulating then. Bleeding between periods can be caused by a lot of things and if you're worried, take another preg test in a few days time or ask your doctor for a blood test. Good luck x

  • Ok thank you I'll wait and see what happens 

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