Possible positive

Hi everyone. 

I have been watching your forums for a few weeks and decided to join because you all seem so helpful... a few months back I had a miscarriage. It was early in the pregnancy about 2 weeks. Since then I been inproving my diet and trying to do what I can to concieve. Been trying since July. 

Last night I decided to do a cheap pregnancy test because the thought was bugging me cause I noticed signs but I didnt know if I was just seeing things out of desperation. 

I got a blue line but it was faint and I havent missed a period yet - im due in 2 days. 

Im scared to believe it because of going through a miscarriage previously and I dont know what to do.

Please help me. 

Thank you - Sally x


  • Hi Sally.... try not to worry. If it is a positive all you can do is wait and see.... what will be will be....

    i had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks in July and am terrified of seeing that second little pink line again... Just try and relax and test again with first morning urine to double check?

    my cycle is all over the place this month.... I had multiple OPKs and didn't temp consistently so have No idea if and when I ovulated and if the light spotting I had at the weekend was AF or an IB.... just have to wait and see. If I did ovulate the last time I have 4 days to wait as only 10dpo..... or I could be on CD 4.... who knows.

    we have a thread going called trying to get pregnant after miscarriage part 10 and it got me through my loss and this bit afterwards too. Feel free to join us x

  • Thank you. How do I find it. I think the thing im worried about is seeing that positive and then starting my period... it would be like losing all over again. I want that positive to be a real reading. 

    Ive heard you can get false positives and I hope it isnt one. 


  • Hello,

    i am currently going through my second miscarriage and definitely don't want to give any false hope. I have read on many sites even the faintest second line means positive. Both of my pregnancies started with faint secjnd lines & my doctor confirmed with both. He said unlike ovulation sticks, a second line is extremely rare to be wrong but false negatives are common (due to testing too early). 

    If you can wait a day or 2 more I would strongly recommend it. Stay eating healthy, plenty of water & relax (unlikely I'm sure) fly butterfly fly is right - only time will tell!

    everything is crossed for you! X

  • That's the trouble with all these early tests. 

    I had a false positive last month on a FRER :( 

    best to wait until you are due AF. Unfortunately if it's not meant to be then there isn't anything any of us can do to stop it :( 

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