Contains TMI pictures!

imageThis is my period tracker! my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex the 6th when i was fertile. The 7th i was fertile once again and the 8th i ovulated. The 10th of monday i woke up in the middle of the night  with a sore throat but didn't think it was anything serious. Tuesday-Thursday i started getting bad headaches , runny nose , sneezing and on and off coughing. I have a bit of sneezing today but it has eased up. Today is one day left before af and sadly when i went to the bathroom and wiped i saw some blood on the napkin not bright red but red in color. I wiped again and it was light pink. I went back to the bathroom recently and wiped just to make sure and saw thisimage not sure if it is implantation bleeding because no matter the amount of research i have done trying to detect if it is or not i just do not understand. Will keep everyone posted.


  • Just checked back and it turns out to have gotten way heavier and darker i suspect it's regular af :(!

  • Just let the bleeding take its corse once it subsides do a test. Not to get your hopes up but to me that looks like implantation.  Don't give in until you know for sure. Ib can be different for everyone.  I'm currently spotting myself not due on for 3 days c fingers crossed x

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