Looking for advice?

I came off the pill in May as ttc. Not been keeping proper track of my periods but they have def been lighter and only lasting 2/3 days but regular 28 day cycle.  This month, my period is currently 3 days late and I m slightly constipated but no other symptoms! Anybody got any ideas or advice? Ps done 2 pregnancy tests since AF due and both been negative.


  • There not.much advise anyone can give you, the only answer answer is time will tell iv seen people wait wait days past period and still.not get a bfp or af some of them end up eventually getting the + but some don't get either and in all.honestly out of experience your body plays tricks depending on how u have you want it. All I can say is good luck.  Sorry I can't tell u what u want to hear any concerns say mid next week try speaking to the doc x

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