Help please! Positive test?

Hi everyone! 

So... I'm not due on for another 4/5 days yet and this is my first month off the pill. I have no symptoms apart from belly cramps every now and then but today I did a test just to see and I was convinced I saw a line. I did another one and the same thing happened but im not sure. You can't see it in a picture.

(these were just cheap standard ones) 

i then just bought a first response as heard these can show up better early on. (God they're expensive! lol) 

and I got this.. am I going mad????? 

imageimageimage What do you think? X


  • Please tell me if you can see a line or if I'm going mad! x

  • imageimageimage Here's some better pictures x

  • Hello, I can see a feint line! Was it a 2 pack you bought?  If so try the other with first wee in the morning. Good luck x

  • Thank you for replying!!!! 

    So glad I'm not the only one who can see it!!

    Yes it was, I've got a couple left! 

    Will do. Thank you xxx

  • Hard to say. Tests in 2day, or best in those 4-5 when you are due.

  • Defo a positive Hun how many dpo are you x

  • thank you for your replies.

    11 days,

    I know its a little early but I'm very impatient haha! I was just shocked to see anything! 

    its pink and not grey so that can't be a Evap line. Can it?

    i have taken 2 cheap ones today which are negative but that's a first response. Is that normal? 

    I ovulated quite quickly after coming off the pill (was using strips to see) I have only been off the pill for 5 weeks and felt a little sick today so decided to do a test and that was the result! 

    Ill take another in morning with first wee and see 

    thanks ladies xx

  • imageI have just done anorher one with first morning wee but its no darker!? X

  • There's def a line. Did it come up within a few mins? Maybe wait til day period is due (or the following day if you can hold out that long!) before doing another one. Good that if you're nauseous though,  a positive sign. Keep us posted x

  • Hiya. Yeah it appeared within about 2 minutes. 

    Thank you! Yeah I'm going to try my best and wait a couple more days!! 

    I'll keep you updated with what happens xx

  • You have to wait cos hCg raises/doubles every 24 hours. So if you don't want to go mad... Just wait ;) if it is a positive.. Then you will have the all 9 months of awaiting... Prep yourself to be patient :P

  • Haha yep! 

     I'm going to give it a couple of days :) 

    Thanks xx

  • Well here it is!!! 👶🏼


  • Woohoo congratulations to you!😊 wishing you a happy and healthy 9months xxxx 

  • Thank you so much sunny5!!! Xxxx

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