Am I pregnant?

Hello, I'm new to the site. So me and my OH started trying for a baby, maybe it sounds stupid but 10 days ago today. I've been ready for a while however he wasn't, then on our holiday he turned to me and told me he was ready so we started straight away. My last period was on the 8/10-13/10 and we started trying 17/10 which is 10 days ago today.

Im not sure if this sounds ridiculous but I'm feeling pregnant in some ways. Maybe it's all in my head because I want this bad? 

Im getting sore boobs, headaches here and there, a bad back, bloated (Looks like a bump however I know it's impossible?), i have a bigger appetite, bad neck, sniffles today and freezing (could just be a little cold today today), and also I'm not sure about this but pins and needles in my fingers?! I just feel pregnant, i don't feel like myself. I feel flutters some days to. Like I said it could be in my head? I don't know. 

Any help, advice, anything is welcome.

thank you! xx


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