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Hello, I posted this thread the other day and got no response, so I am hoping someone can give me some sort of insight this time around. I was scheduled for blood work today, however, my husband thinks we should wait a few more weeks to get more accurate results. Anyhow here is the post I submitted a few days ago: 

My husband and I have been ttc for a while now, with no luck. We lost our daughter Feb. of last year, and have been trying evrey since. I was due on the 10th of October to get my cycle, however it did not come; Ive always had my periods come around the 10th or 11th for the longest even after having my daughter. On October 20th, I started to spot a bit but it was like the ending of a period, it was light pink and more dark, that went on until the 22nd, however on the 22nd it was only when i wiped. I havent been stressing or anything like that, I dont drink or smoke. Im not sure whats going on, I took 2 tests since my cycle has been late, but both came back negative. 

The only symptoms Ive had was bloating, overeating, and on and off headaches

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