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Has anyone on here got pcos and conceived naturally?

me and my partner have been trying since febuary this year and have been having trouble, my periods were every 52 days and now I'm on day 113 and no sign of a positive or AF.

i just want a bfp :( it's getting me and my partner down. 


  • I don't even know when to test anymore. The BFN are getting me down as I test alot as unsure when/if my period is coming anymore. Have resisted testing for a month now but got no hopes for this "month" 

  • I've no experience with pcos but I wanted to wish lots and lots of luck and babydust xxx


  • I had a PCO when I was younger and was put on the pill.... when I was 24I had a scab to confirm that my right ovary had cysts but I didn't have the syndrome. I didn't start TTC until 11 years later and fell in May this year after 15 months off BC. I had ovulated from my right side and my ovaries were clear so it had corrected itself.... but I don't have the full PCOS so can't advise on that score.... 

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