Driving myself crazy!!

Hello ladies..

I have being ttc for going on 8 months now and feel like I am driving myself crazt! AF is due tomorrow no sign as of yet but had some symptoms i think!

Today I have had a lot of creamy white cm which is unusual for me! i havebeung feeling a little nauseus and had RLS dont know if I am just symptom spottong my boobs are sore and seem to be tingling a little.. odd! But the main thing is my fatigue I am literally so tired all of the time! i could just drop of to sleep at any givomg moment!!

What do you ladies think?? x


  • Sadly AF symptoms and PG symptoms are the same. :(

    all you can do is take a test! I think I have had every symptom under the sun the last 3 months and not PG yet, so I have stopped symptom spotting (ish) 

  • Yeah I know but it is like so hard to do!! With my first I was on contraception when I got caught so never fully appreciated how hard this could all be and how mentally draining!!

  • If youre due tomorrow it should show on a test!

    when I fell in May we weren't actively trying so it didn't occur to me either and now I just spend my time trying to remember and symptom spot!!! Makes you crazy!!

  • I know!! i have got a test but dont want to do it to early haha! But think I am going to first morning wee! I feel like a crazy person atm though!!!

  • If it's due tomorrow then that's not too early :) some ladies start at 10dpo! 

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