Hey everyone,

i would ally appreciate the feedback.

So my last period was the 8th October 2016/13th, we started trying to conceive the 17th October and according to an app I ovulated The 22nd October, and also according to the app my period is in 3 days. I am feeling so many symptoms. 

Thanks girls xx


  • Your on the same cyxle as me Hun all buy one day.. I'm sure on Friday. I also feel symptoms but have tested and negative I guess we still are a little early xx

  • Wow really, maybe you could message me or something?xx

  • Not sure how you message people hun x

  • Those apps are just an estimate based on the cycle data you put in.... its not a given. I ovulate on different days each month.... so many factors including stress can affect it. The best way to actually confirm ovulation is to use OPK sticks and take you basal temp. 

    you haven't got long to wait until your AF appears :) good luck 

  • Thank you beautiful :) im still have ew cm ovbiously I no you can't ovulate for that long it's been two weeks now though normally it clears up xx

  • Emmalouise you click the Pm button I think, I'll try message you and you can check your messages:) 

    So with my last period I'd be due for one around this time anyway wouldn't I? i was thinking going and testing tomorrow but is the first month trying not to early? im scared to be dishearted. 

    Thank you FlyButterfly. Xxx

  • Everyone's cycles are different so it's hard to say when you would be due... mine are 26-28 days long but have had a 24 and a 31 day cycle before.

    some ladies have really long cycles. 

    Mighy be worth a test but if you don't know for sure you ovulated then or when you are due, don't be disheartened if it's a negative.... could still be too early 

  • lll take a test tomorrow then, see what happens. I do feel pregnant but then sometimes I dont, if that makes sense. I'll be gutted if I'm not butterfly:(

  • I know... it's horrible isn't it :( I have convinced myself each time I am PG... am trying not to think about this time round 

  • I'll give you a message as well butterfly! I'll do it now x

  • Sorry, I don't use the message function on here.... I just use the group threads x

  • Ah it's ok:) still no period yet meant to be due on tomorrow according to app x

  • Long waiting game i am afraid 

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