Please help

so I thought I was due on my at tomorrow as its been 28days Im normally Regular.. Well was up until I miscarriaged in august and have been teying ever since 

anyways I've been feeling tired, sore boobies, bloated ect and fort ahh I'll do a pregnancy text just to make sure and well my husband came home with ovulation tests instead. So I thought well why not try one so I did and this is the result imagepostive right?

ive been doing ovulation strips but never really good a very solid postive like this?? 

so ladies do you think I'm ovulating or is this normal Just before yiur af? Xx


  • I get positve opks just before my AF, however they do say that they can pick up on hcg.... but not for everyone - typical right? 

    good luck 

  • thsnk you hun .. I've just read in on the net actually 

    ahh I no Hun it's crazy our bodies are 

    I've bd just in case but Ive never ovulated this late before to what I no off 

    craxy I'm getting af/ preg symptons bar the period pain so god knows xx wish we could just see inside to see what's going on xx how are you in your cycle xx

  • I hate our bodies! I never  have longer than 28 days until last month was 31 for the first time ever!!!!

    am 7dpo today... soon to be 8dpo. Going slowly... boobs have been hurting since a couple of days before ovulation but probably cos I keep prodding them to see if they hurt!!! 😂

  • I no Hun I wish we could stick to the same cycle :( 

    that sounds promising Hun :) how long you been trying to conceive do you have any children?? 

    Move woke up to loads of ewcm again and no period. My boobs are sore and don't normally get sore boobs with sf 

    i have loads of spots too which i only nornsllg get the odd one but then that can be af :( if I havnt conceived this month we are going to stop trying unti adtery brothers wedding  again beidesmaid and would be 8 months gone. 

    I havnt got any period pain today thigh in the night a had a few wavee of pain in my lower belly which went straight away X

  • No I don't have any kids... had a missed miscarriage in July. We weren't actively trying but after I MC we decided to try.... this is my last month tracking (cycle4) its to stressful and I am theN just going to see what happens.

    i have been getting cramp and and achey thighs too but have had that before and not been Pg. Am fairly disillusioned by it all now

  • you should defs take a test x

  • i honestly think if you track your cycle it's so stressful if doesn't happen where as if you don't it just happens 

    my last xycle I tried so hard and had bd a lot more but never conceieved.. I have two boys and even with the miscarriage I conceived straight aswell first cycles so all I can say is let it happen natural.. Well that easy to say look at me know symptom spotting lol 

    i took one yday more it was negative so I dunno if I am or not .. Do you think I should retake one? Not sure I took another op this morning it's still postive what would you do Hun x

  • I would take another one just to see.... if it's on an OPK it should show on a sensitive test 

  • Well I'm back in to he dreaded two weeks wake I think tests and ops are negative now :( X how are you Hun x

  • The two week wait is a long old slog! 

    Yeah am ok.... 11dpo for me and it's dragging! Lol

  • Sorry Hun been sorting a sensory play area for my little one .. I think I'm now 5-5days past ovulation 

    how you feeling in your self??

    yiur nearly there Hun hopefulky bfp for both of us but I think I'm out this month x

  • I feel crappy.... sinus pain and itchy nose and nose bleeds.... really bloated, sore boobs and heartburn.... but was BFN today. Pretty sure am out... AF is due Friday. 

    With the sore boobs I really had hoped it had worked this month but looks like another new AF symptom :( 

  • You still have a long way to go..... not out yet x

  • Hey Hun sorry for late reply been so busy.. Ahh all

    poative signs how are you today? 

    Im 8 days past ovulation now not really feeling much just back ache and a lot of stabbing pains in my left side and pulling pains if I love to quickly so nor holding out yet xx

  • Got my AF today 😢 So here we go again.

    fingers crossed for you x

  • Ahh ao sorry Hun :( I'm hoping toe this to be your month Hun x

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