Can't wait!

I am not really looking for any answers here but just wanted to share as I want to share my excitement even thought it might be nothing! I came off the pill as want to start a family of my own, I read lots of different things but I ve tried not too stress about ovulation/timings that sort of thing! My last period was on the 24th October, I had sex once on Friday 5th and again on Saturday 6th, I had a really thick discharge (sorry) on Monday 8th and slightly discharge yesterday too, ?ovulation, I ve heard best to have sex a couple of days before ovulation, I am hoping i m right, I have everything crossed, I would love to be pregnant by Xmas, thanks for reading and listening, just had to share my thoughts with someone xx


  • Haha I know how exciting it is! I was just like you back in June. It is the best feeling ever!! 

    On ovulation week I had sex with hubby every single night. Lol! It obviously worked as fell pregnant thathe month. Just go for it, don't over think things. Relax and enjoy! 

    All the best,

    Keep us updated

    Jan x


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