So excited I got my BFP!!

Hi everyone,

i was on these boards quite a lot up until afew months ago when the pressure of ttc really started to get to me. We had been trying for 10months and this week I got my BFP! Well I've had many as I'm an addict lol. I started spotting so thought AF was coming, so started planning for the next month and after feeling "off it" over the weekend I decided to try a HPT after so many negatives over the months I just expected to see that again but to my absolute surprise I have been getting BFPs that have been getting stronger by the day. I'm now feeling full of cold but apart from that not many other symptoms at this stage. I had it in my head that I was going to have to have some help to conceive and then bam it happened. fingers crossed for all you Ttc. Xxximage


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