Please help..

hey everyone, this will be really useful to me if someone's can reply to my question.. 

okai so the beginning of this month iv been getting back pains and stomach pains, it started of less but eventually it got worse especially my back, i went to the doctors 2 days ago to get a urine check and it was negative, my last period was on october 22nd and iv been getting pains the beginning of November till now and I started my period today! I thought I would be pregnant as I had pain  on my stomach and back for so long and Ive read a few things and since my period is 5 days early and it's usually on time when it comes, im worried that this could be a early miscarriage 😭 I don't know what I should do, do yu think I should go to the doctors? I'm 20 by the way and married and me and my husband are trying for a baby, we got married on October 1 this year and it would be amazing if I got pregnant but my period came early and I'm worried if it's a miscarriage as I've had pains since the beginning of this month and I thought I'd be pregnant 😭

Please help if you've got any advice, thanks x 


  • The pains you were getting might have been ovulation pain.... ovulation happens approx 14 days before your next period is due. If you have had a bleed before your next period it could be implantation bleeding. From then it will take about 4 days for hcg to show on a sensitive test.

    if you were on birth control before, it may just be your body regulating back to normal 

  • How long are your cycles normally as it is 27 days today since your last period, and an average cycle is about 28 days so it may just be your period?

  • We didn't use any birth control, and I'm not sure, it's just weird how iv been getting pains since the beginning of this month like backaches, stomachaches and sore breasts as I usually don't get these pains.. . maybe those signs were just period pains though, thank yu anyways for helping luv x 

  • It's frustrating.... i think when we want something so much we can convince ourselves into symptoms. since my MC in July I have convinced myself every month that I am PG! 🙊

  • Your MC? And your right 😖 I do want to be pregnant so bad maybe that's why im just all over the place right now and it is frustrating 

  • Yeah I had a miscarriage In July at 10 weeks.... it's amazing how many pg "symptoms" your body can trick you into when you want something so much x we have been trying without success since. 

  • Awwh I'm sorry to hear about that 😣😖 hopefully you'll get PG soon!! Fingers crossed xx 

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