Faint line?!

I think I could be pregnant though it's probably too soon to tell. I'm not due on for another week but have been feeling very tired and have had cramping. I took a test first thing this morning and a faint line appeard but it didn't appear within the time frame. I did two tests yesterday using sainsburys cheap tests and the same thing happened. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



  • If it's outside the time frame then you have to discard it am afraid. Blue tests are terrible for evap lines.

    plus if you are still a week away from period, then it's Probably too early to get a positive.... most ladies start testing at 10dpo as it takes 4 days for hcg to register a test and implantation they say happens about 6dpo-12dpo... good luck :) 

  • Thank you! I've heard through reading the forums that the blue tests can be a bit unreliable. With my first baby I used the pink first response and that worked well. I'll wait another week before testing again. Fingers crossed though. Thank you for the in depth information, very helpful! :) 

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