Pregnant But Partner Isn't Ready

I've just found out I am about 4 weeks pregnant. Not very far gone but back in February this year me and my OH lost our baby due to a miscarriage and we were heart broken. For a long time we've said we'd try again, just a few days ago my OH said to me "I hope you're pregnant" because i was having symptoms...sure enough I am and as soon as I told him he said we aren't ready and probably best to have an abortion....I am absolutely distraught! I understand where he is coming from as we live in a 1 bedroom apartment and I am out of work and on benefits and he does the odd shift now and again so money is a big struggle lately but abort a baby because of that? Surely no one is ever going to be 100% financially stable to bring a baby into the world but everyone gets by right? I can't seem to make him see what good this will be after what we've already been through. Deep down i think he wants it but is too scared we'll fail and depend on benefits to get by which i know many people who do to help them but i don't think he wants that life for our child. What do i do :'( 


  • I didn't want to read and run and please don't take offence on my reply/opinion.

    This is only something that you can decide for yourself... As you have posted on a "trying to conceive" chat, with respect, I don't feel it's the right place to ask if you should have an abortion or not...and many ladies on here will be deeply distressed at this thought as many of us have experienced loss and are desperately trying for a baby as have you been.... 

    i suspect your partner is just panicking, but it is unfair of him to say this to you when he has played a part in actively trying for the baby. Ultimately it  is only something you can decide, but remember life is short, and think carefully before you do something you may regret. 

    Good luck 

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