Positive OPK

Hey all you beautiful ladies! Me and the partner have started trying for a new little edition to add to our family. I ovulated 10 days ago, did a digital pregnancy test this morning and it came back negative, as I had a spare opk test I did that as Well and it came back like this! Any ideas, because I'm defiantly not ovulating and I'm due in days for the monthly! image


  • Please help 🙊😓 

  • I always get a positive OPK before my period... some hormonal surge.... it's quite normal.

    some ladies say that their PGs were picked up on OpKs bit it doesn't happen for everyone.... guess everyone is different. Plus I think I have heard if it's detected on an OPK it should be on a hcg too...

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't opk work better in the afternoon? Did another this afternoon because I heard that and not even a faint line! Doing my head in, it's very confusing. 

  • With me OPKs work on second morning urine.... never done a PM one as was always at work and i drink and pee a lot! Lol

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