Hey all I am trying to conceive number 2 with my Hubby. We have had sex every fertile day even twice on some. Sorry if tmi. I have been having symptoms like sore breasts ect..  And on day 6 after ovulation I started to bleed really lightly just a pinky colour then it became very heavy and I had a very big need of a pad for day 2 and 3. No signs of it stopping. But it's redish colour and had one or two small clots. Now when this started it was 8 days before my period was due. I'm never early I'm always a couple days late. I've done 2 tests all negative. Yesterday about 11 I became really nauseated and threw up and today about 7 the same thing but been feeling fine at all other times. 

Could this be implantation and could I be pregnant


  • Implantation bleeding is not usually that heavy, it's more like spotting. Maybe your period came early?

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