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Hi I'm new to this and thought I'd give chat ago. I'm 23 and been trying for around 5-6 months now.. It's very hard not to think about it and get stressed. But it seems everyone around me is having no troubles image I'm due on today but it hasn't arrived yet, I can feel some twinges soo I think it's another bfn again this month.. 

Just wondered if anyone else going through the same thing


Sorry to keep going on lol

hope to speak to some one soon image 


  • Hi, I've been ttc for 7 months now so I know how frustrating it is.  I went to my Dr but he just said to go back when we've been trying for a year image.  Hope you have somw luck ttc soon, at least you have time on your side as you're only young!  I'm 36 so am worried I've left it a bit late for another baby... I already have a 5 yeat old who is great image but he would love a sibling!!

    Good luck with everything, let's hope we both get what we want eventually! X

  • Thanks for replying image I hope we both get that big fat positive soon! image fingers crossed. X 

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