Implantation bleeding or early period

Hello I just want to ask if anyone had this problem before.
i had my last menstrual period on Nov 1, (1 day earlier than my expected period was so light, no cramps and clots sorry for TMI) lasted 4 days then 3 days after that i had brown discharge after intercourse just a minimal need not even to wear a liner then stopped right away, it is weird when i was at work i also had a brown discharge and i started feeling PMS on nov 15 and on nov 23 I had again this brownish discharge and on 24th I started bleeding so does an on and off cramps meaning i am 4 to 5 days early for my next period which was supposed to be on 28th but this bleeding seems like my period only lighter than usual today 26th I only have spotting .. could this be an implantation bleeding or what? husband and i have been ttc for 8 months. and if i can remember this is the first time that this happened to me. im regular on 28 days cycle.
Please help. Thanks and God bless.. 
P.S I took HPT on nov 19 and it was Negative.. I took the test bcoz I was feeling pregnant all the symptoms are present except for the missed period...


  • Do you know when you ovulated? If you ovulated early then your period would arrive early... I ovulate on different days between 10-14 but also had an ov on 17 once so I had a longer cycle.

    if you know for sure you didn't then wait 4 days and test again... takes 4 days after implantation to register on a test.

    i had an IB with mine and thought it was my period as didn't know about IB then.

  • Thank you so much that was so helpful. 

    Since we're ttc I keep track on my cycle and I ovulate nov. 11-16. I was supposed to HPT again last 25th but the bleeding happens so Im afraid it will only give me a negative result again 😣 and also was supposed to see a doctor this morning but I was feeling tired and just wanted to sleep all day 😕 

  • About IB I only been doing research (googling) about IB since this weird things happened 😊 and it lead me here... so thankful 

  • If you ovulated on the 11th then your period is on time... you only ovulate on 1 day so if it was the 11th then that's about right for a 14 day luteal phase. If you ovulated on the 16th it would be due the 30th.... best way to pinpoint the exact day of ovulation is to temp. If it's an IB then it should show up on a test in 4 days or so 

  • Sorry I mean between 11th or 16th

    thank you so much you're being helpful. Praying for Positive result. God bless 

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