Could I be pregnant? Advice needed!


I've been taking the Cerazette pill for nearly 2 years. Never really missed a pill however Wednesday 16th, Thursday17th and Friday 18th of November I forgot to take it due to being so busy at work. I had sex with my boyfriend on the Saturday morning (very early 2am and again at around 10am). I immediately remembered about my pills and catched up on them.

Is there any possibility I could get pregnant? Obviously it's early for symptoms but I've been having very bad cramping, overly tired, increase discharge, back aches, vivid dreams, nausea and heavy feeling boobs etc.. I have irregular periods so that doesn't help...

However, even though 'it could be too early. for symptoms'.. on Friday the 11th, I missed my pill and had sex that night so I don't know if the symptoms are from then. 

I did do a pregnancy test on Friday 18th and again on Monday 28th they were a bfn but not sure if it was too early. When is best to do a test or could even be pregnant?

Me and my partner would be more than happy if i was. Thanks x

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