need advice

Hello i need some advice i had my piriod on the 28 of nov and i had intercourse on friday afternoon and after i was in pain and started to bleed about hour after but i aint due my piriod till the 20th of dec i have had intercourse everyday since my last poirod finsh so i would like some advice plz 


  • Do you only have 22 day cycles? Or did you finish on 28th? You should count the first day as the first day of your cycle. 

    depending your cycle lengths it could have been ovulation pain and bleeding but unless you know / track your cycles it would be difficult to say what caused it. You generally have 2 weeks from ovulation to the first day of your period, hence it being called the 2 week wait. 

  • Hello the first day was the 24th of nov and last day was the 28th of nov and it 22 day after that which would make me due on the 20th of dec which would make sence tbh x

  • You count from the first day of your period to the day before your next and that's your cycle length. So looks like it would be 26 days. 

    The point between period and ovulation can change but the point between ovulation and next period (luteal phase) doesn't change, sonif you ovulate later then your period will be later. On a 26 day cycle, if you are regular, and based on an average of 14 day LP then you would ovulate on or around cd12.... Dec 6th.... only way to know for sure though is if you're tracking ovulation with temps or OpKs. Average luteal phase is 12-16 days, some ladies have one as little as 10 days, so depends what yours is really. 

    Good luck 

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