I need some help!!!!

Hi I'm wondering if I'm pregnant! At first after ovulation i I had a thick white creamy discharge for a few days it has stopped now but after that I started getting really sore nipples, just the nipples at first than there where a few sharp pain in the breast the feel heavier I'm not sure if there bigger but my nipples are still really sensitive to touch and get hard easily!! Also had lil mild cramps it feels like it's in the muscle if that makes sense!!  I've been a lot tired than usual!! Like I'll just wake up and feel really tired again straight after!! today I've been having really bad lower back pains. My periods are due next week so there not late Yet


  • As you think you are getting symptoms you could try a sensitive test such as first response, use first morning urine.  Bare in mind though it may be a little early to test.  there is no way of knowing from symptoms alone 

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