Implantation bleeding or weird period?

Hi everyone. New here. I am trying to figure out what's going on with me. I got what I thought was my period on the day it was due but for 3 days it was light spotting pinkish with brown. And then the next two days it was also pink and brown but then I went pee and there was more blood. Like a light/medium flow so I used a tampon and when I went to change it later on there was next to nothing on it... And the same thing keeps happening. I have been spotting for 5 days now with only mild to no cramps and they don't feel normal. I normally have really bad cramps and a heavy flow with clots and I'm having none of that. Could this be implantation bleeding?


  • Was it IB?? Am going through the same !! Cn u shr ur experience ?? 

  • I actually still don't know what it was. I took 2 tests and they were both negative so I decided to just wait and see if I get my next period which was supposed to happen yesterday. No sign yet. 

  • hav u had an appointment wid obgyn yt?? i had tday; hav giv fr test!! Fingers crossed!! Gud luck to u too!! Keep me n ur prayers

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