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I need help!!

Okay ladies Ive been TTC for a few months now and this month I ovulated on the 16 and on the 18 my nipples became very very sore not my whole boob just the nipple and I have never had this happen before they never do this before or after my period or ovulation! It's a very unsual simptom for me and I have very regular periods as well as the simptoms that come with it.

i also have had some bloating witch I don't get until I'm on my period, is it way to early for me to get excited and maybe think I'm pregnant or should I just over look it and wait ..? 


  • It's really too early for symptoms am afraid :( it takes at least 4 days for the egg to travel down the tubes and implantation is from 6dpo.... after this it's 4 days before hcg starts to register ( hence why early testers start from 10 dpo) and it's the hcg that causes the symptoms.... just have to sit tight and wait i am afraid and see..... it's easy to read into every little thing.... I have had every symptom under the sun since my MC in July.... I think it's a case if wanting something so much x good luck x

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