Should i be concerned?

I usually have 28 day cycles, which means my period was due yesterday (Monday 19th), however it arrived out the blue on Saturday 17th at 4pm, i bled for a couple of days, red and enough but not really heavy, 1 pad per day! The monday 19th there was anything and today there is absolutely nothing apart from a tiny bit of brown when i wipe! My left boob is a tad tender and has a blue vein and i ve been feeling nauseous for a couple of weeks on and off! I took a pregnancy test yesterday but came back negative! Do i need to contact my gp? Is this period not normal? Please help, i m confused x


  • If it's implantation it will take 4 days for hcg to register on a sensitive test, but like I said on your other post, if you ovulated earlier then it may well be your normal period.  

  • This is so bizarre! I am pretty sure i ovulated on Monday 5th December x

  • Definitely test again in a couple of days maybe to see if it was an implantation bleed :). My O days are different each month which is frustrating when TTC! 

  • Thanks, i will x

  • Sorry to ask another question but please see above, it was like i had some bleeding and it stopped for a day, just been to the toilet just now and got blood on wiping, a tiny bit? Anybody any idea why it was stop and start again? Feeling nauseous and normal period pains x

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