Understanding ovulation tests??? Help please


I did an ovulation test for the first time today and it was an obvious line but not as dark as the check line. So from what I read on the box it meant that it was negative. 

What I would like to know though is does the fact that there is a line there mean that ovulation may be on its way soon? 

Any advice? 


  • Hi Twisty, I've started using ovulation tests this month So deffo not an expert but this is what I have found. I came off the pill in October and my cycles are quite long at the mo. ive tested every day and always had a second line on my tests. Doesn't mean ovulation is going to happen soon as we all have LH in our system all the time. however you might find that they tend to get darker each day closer to ovulation. 

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    Thanks for your reply. It's all very confusing lol. 

    I only done it out of curiosity today and this is the result I got. I will test everyday and try and keep an eye on it. X

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