How long after positive OPK will you ovulate?

So I got a positive OPK today around 5pm. We BD on Monday and today. How long after a positive OPK should i roughly ovulate? X


  • I usually say much ovulation is day after positive opk. Lately I have bd day of positive opk the for two more days and miss day then bd then miss a day then bd. Then just do as we please. Don't know if its successful see in a weeks time for me 

  • Appologies for my awful spelling and grammar!

  • A positive OPK indicates the Lh has peaked and that ovulation will be in the next 12-36 hours( can only be properly confirmed by temping as sometimes we can get the surge but ovulation be stopped, like stress etc.) once ovulated the egg only lives for 12-24 hours so it's best to Bd every other day in the days leading up to it so that there are sperms waiting to meet it..... can take sperm several hours to get to The egg. (when your OPK starts to get dark, or see fertile cm) sometimes the day of and some ladies also do the day after. 

    Hope that helps? There is a documentary called the great sperm race which you can find online which is really interesting :)

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