Posible miscarage

Had very faint positive went to doctors was negative  secound pee of the day she said could be a miscarage cant get blood test till next week hoping if i wait 2 weeks it eill be a strong positive what do u think ?


  • Are you late on your period? 

  • I had spoting instead but i have sore tender boobs that are going purple cramps back aches constipation emotions going everywhere and nausa  i havent thew up since i was drunk in febuary but for the last week ive woke up feeling like vomiting 

  • If you haven't missed your period yet then I wouldn't say that you have had a miscarriage. If you have tested early and got a positive and then got a period and a neg test it can be classed as what is called a chemical pregnancy which is quite common when ladies test early. It's when an egg is fertilised but doesn't implant. Without the early tests ordinarily we wouldn't know about such things....

    it may just be that your doctors test wasn't sensitive enough to pick up on a pregnancy so early on. You need to wait a few more days or until you're late and test again or ask for bloods.  

  • I asked for bloods but its closed due to new years so how long do u think i should wait 

  • 14 days past overlation and 6 days past period but onlu have spoting

  • After you have ovulated it is approx 12-14 days until your next period... are you tracking ovulation with temps? It's very unusual to have an 8 day luteal phase (time between OV and period) it's usually 12-16 days.... if you have had spotting then it could be implantation and you should wait 4 days after that before testing

  • Your period is always approx 2 weeks after ovulation, which its why it's called the two week wait.... 

  • I have a apo that tracks it and im currently in late luthal faze 

  • I had spoting 15 days after over lation had intercourse all throught my fertial stages and was due for my period 6 days ago but only having spoting and light 

  • The apps are only an estimate and work of averages so aren't 100% correct. If you ovulate late your period will be late and if you ovulate early it will come early. 

    if you are 15 days past ovulation then your period will be due around now.... it is always 2 weeks after ovulation that your period is due. You can't be 15dpo but 6 days late also unless your luteal phase is less than 10 days.... if it is less than 10 days then you should see your doctor. 

    The spotting you are having is possibly your period. as I said before, wait 4 days and then test

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