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Need help! Confused and abit devoed😞

Well I did a cheap pregnancy test on the 22-12 and it came up with a faint line! I've done a few strip ones that have a faint line that you need to squint to see, I did a fr this afternoon after having a few drinks and something to eat and it's negative can't even see a line!? I don't know what to think I've been trying to consive for 2 years and 3 month ago had an early miscarriage!imageimageimageimageimagethere my tests! Please help!! 


  • It sounds like that cheap one could have been an evap line as if that was over a week ago then there should be a dark line by now. Have you missed your period at all? 

  • But it's pink and the same thickness as the control line so deffo not an Evap, and I have pcos so my periods are irregular so wouldn't know? I've got another fr that I'm going to do in the morning hopefully it will have 2 lines!😔

  • I have had a false positive on a first response before so it's possible am afraid :(

    after 8 days would expect a line on a FRES if it was a true positive as hcg levels double every 48 hours. Try your last one tomorrow with FMU and see. Good luck 

  • Maybe you've had a chemical pregnancy?

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