Faint positive?

hi folks I'm new! Im due on tomorrow however I tested today and I got a barely visible line. Is this an evap or faint positive? Please help! image



  • I see it and the same thing happened to me! did you test early?

  • I tested one day before my period. I've been testing every day since and keep getting faint lines. I'm now 3 days over due. Here's the latest ones ximageimage

  • Looks postive to me!  I took a test 1 week before AF was due and this is what I got image I'm not sure what it is. and now I just get negatives. I pray i don't have a chemical pregnancy. What do you think?

  • It appears off centre but that's a strange looking box. I can definitely see a faint line though xx

  • How early did you test

  • One day before my expected period. Those two other Tests were the two days following x

  • Mine was a week before

  • sissy I'm not too sure what that is! im in the same boat image

  • ive read so many articles that have said a line is a line which means it's positive

  • Yeah I've read that too. The danger of testing too early and getting hopes up is chemical pregannacy. Let's just hope everything sticks and our lines just get darker and darker 

  • My AF is due Friday. The anticipation is unbearable but in going to wait it out and not test until after missed period ..

  • Mines thursday. I hope to god it doesnt come! Going to test first response tomorrow I think 

  • Me too! MadamBel, how early did you test?

  • I tested today, 12 dpo! 

  • Hi ladies, I have recently tested too about 11 days before my period. Im unsure what these two mean though image

  • honestly wait it out because its going to stress you.. I tested a week before and got 4 faint positives and bow I feel like AF is on her way.. the disappointment is heart breaking 😔

  • Youre absolutely right, I wake up all ends of the night thinking and hoping they're positive results and what kills is that you have almost the same symptoms of a period, so you're not sure if youre pregnant or not 😒😞

  • I've have some spotting today af isnt due till the 7 and I'm 3 days early

  • If it's light, it's normal throughout the first trimester 

  • I never had spotting like this before so I'm not sure what it could be.. 

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