Feeling a bit odd with myself and worried

I had my period on the 29th December then on the 3Rd day of my period I was still abit bleeding but I thourt I stopped so I said to my parnter let do the indeed when he' came in me and he pulled out all over on him was blood and In me was blood it was scary as I didnt know what to.do then when I went home I had sore throat and a headache and achie I ketp on whipping my slef and there was still string blood but not. Bright red same again today can someone nicely and kindly help me im 26 

Im 28

14 days 

Lasted  3days 


  • I would not worry same happened to me but I finished on my usual 5th day and had sex on the morning of 7th day it was horrible and quit imbarrasing funny enough I never seen my period again I fell pregnant that month lol x

  • Okay thank you Reeee13

  • still having small amount of brown ish discharge in my pants but nothink on the loo roll 🍥 so im wating I do have odd moments that I have a twitch pain one side to another but iam more worried about the brown is discharged 

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