Very faint line I'm confused!!

hello ladies ... I really need your help I had what I thought wasimplantation spotting a couple of days ago I'm not due on for another 4/5 days and I took this test yesterday (not first wee) an the test looked like this ... am I pregnant or is it my eyes :( image


  • I think it's still a little early to tell. I see a very very faint line but I've had trouble with those blue tests! 


    This was mine at five days late, I had better results with the pink dye tests! 

    Good luck to you! 

  • I think I'll go and get one, thanks so much for your reply xx

  • No worries, fingers crossed for you! 

  • I had the same problem with E.P.T I tried First Response and got a faint line as well. Would love to know what kind of result you get on your next test. Wishing you luck girlie :)

  • Thank you lovely I'm going to get a teat tomorrow and then do it the next day to increase my chances of seeing a darker line lol I will definitely post my results either way xx

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