Super Duper Faint Positive Test, can you see it?

I am so confused as to whether or not Im pregnant, I got a result with a very very faint line!image  I don't if I'm imagining it or not, my fiance saw the line too, so I just want to see if anyone here can confirm it's there as well? Uugh!!! Thanks for your help! :D


  • I can see something, also see it when it tweaked it x


  • image

    This was taken yesterday night 05.01.2017

    im not sure if you can see it but there's a faint line in there


    And this was taken early this morning 06.01.2017

    it's negative 🙄🙄🙄

    im confused now

  • Wel they are different brands of tests, if I were you I would repeat the test with the strip like the first test you got a positive on. It's more reliable to compare the same tests, if it's still positive could be the second test isn't as sensitive as the one in the first pic x

  • I know it's hard but try and wait a few days and test with a digital. At least that way you will have a definite answer. Let me know how you get on x

  • Thank you so much for the responses! I'll wait a few days and let you guys know what happens :)

  • The clearest line out of all if them is the one you've said is negative. Maybe I'm seeing a different photo to others? 

    Digital tests notoriously take longer to show positive if you've another cheap test do it with first wee of the day tomorrow and it should be clearer 

  • image I took the digital one today and I guess it's official now! Thanks for the responses and all the support!

  • Awww congrats xxxxxxd 

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