Advice please ladies....

I'm currently on Cycle day 19, I don't know when I ovulated however I had my implant removed on 28th Dec and had unprotected sex on: 5th, 8th & 12th Jan 2017.

symptoms this week:On Tuesday I started with lower back pain.Wednesday I started feel nausea on & off, bad lower back pain, slight cramping like period pain. Thursday nausea on & off again, bad lower back pain but just one 1 side but sometimes went across, stomach twinges and right pelvic pain/ache. Today (friday) bad lower back pain again on one side & sometimes going across, shooting pain in lower stomach/cramps, twinges in my right pelvis side, nausea on and off & indigestion. 

I have taken a home pregnancy test which is negative but don't know if it's too early to show up? I've never had these symptoms before.  

Advice please... am I pregnant?  


  • It's going to be he same advise as I have given you before am afraid..... sounds like OV symptoms... you are testing far too early for PG. OV will be approx 2 weeks from your First day of period.... you need to hold off on PG testing until your next period due.... take 4 weeks from your period as an estimate. 

  • I know just it is different symptoms today,  I know I need to stop testing because I might be giving myself false negativity as it would be too early to show even if I am pregnant. It's just hard to wait when I'm getting all these feelings   x

  • You can trick yourself into it.... I have had "symptoms" every month since my MC in July.... it's hard but you have to try and chill out.... by stressing out you can actually delay ovulation... it's happened to me before! So hard, but once you decide to start actively TTC you will pick up on every little thing.... a lot of your symptoms could be withdrawal  from the implant. So hard I know but try to hold off testing. Also, by testing early you run the risk of picking up a chemical Pg which can give false hope when ordinarily it would just pass naturally with your monthly undetected. 

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