Negative 6 days before after due

So I am due on this Friday the 20th. Today I bought CB early detection with all hope of using it on my morning pee (as directed for early testing. Apparently if testing on day af due then anytime is ok according to their instructions enclosed). Anyhow stupidly I couldn't wait so took it now at 22.45pm with my tea and lucozade diluted pee only to get a BFN. So now I feel so disheartened and convinced there's no hope I am even though the last 2 weeks I have had really strong symptons  (2 day migraine,  extreme fatigue, thrush,vivid dreams, weepy etc) which I know cud just be down to the evil migraine but part of me fealty hoped after 9 months of trying and a positive opk that maybe just maybe this was my month 😢😢😢😢 now I just feel so down xxx


  • Title meant to say AF die total after. Damn predicted text xx

  • Ffs AF due not after. Bloody phone even predict texted that as well 

  • If you are not due on until Friday then you are defs testing far too early. Most early testers wait until at least 10 dpo, as implantation as a minimum is at 6dpo but can be up to 12dpo and it takes 4 days for hcg to rise enough to be detected. Try and hold out until you are actually due on to avoid disappointment. Also from a postibe opk it can be 12-36 hours before OV occurs so you may be earlier on than you thought. Good luck x

  • Aww that gives me slight hope. Still not holding out much hope though as it's been 9 months and nothing xxx

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