My rant. Just a thought but...

OK so I may have had my fantasy on a thread but...

We read up on how important healthy eating is, stop smoking if ur a smoker. Cut back on alcohol and coffee and loose weight etc to increase ur chances to conceive. I myself never smoked don't drink always eat healthy... still not pregnant. 

NOW how the hell is it that fat chain smoking drug taking takeaway munching low life's on the Jeremy kyle show get knocked up just looking at a willy. It appears this healthy malarkey isn't working.  They do everything  u shudnt do and manage to fall pregnant all the time  with so many different men that Jeremy must be almost out of dna tests 

I say let's crack open the wine and share a bag of chips. U just never know 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • Opinion not fantasy.  For god sake not only is my phone predict texting but it's doing it in an pornographic sense lol. Bloody hell lol xx

  • Haha Oh my god!! i think the exact same!!! 

    I'm a vegetarian, i eat good food, i dont smoke or drink and right now i feel like going to get a big steak, loads of crap naughty foods, 20 mayfair and a bottle of wine lol! To be fair i'm not a veggie because we are ttc but i if im breaking some rule im breaking them all lol! Your phones got a great sense of humor really did make me laugh! 

    Sending you lots of baby dust chick! Fingers crossed we get our bfp very soon xxx

  • Hahahah I live it that greasy steak and wine option sounds the way forward 😂😂 i day do it xxx good luck to u too hun xxx

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