Can two different test give you different results

tested two weeks after period was due, using same sample one being the superdrug test and one being a first response test. Both giving different results. 

Really confused. 

Top of the picture is superdrug and bottom is first response.




  • I can see lines in both hun.. the both look like positives to me... congratulations xxx 

  • Superdrug early are more sensitive than FRES

  • it's just the photo, there wasnt a second line on the first response test xx 

  • Superdrug are more sensitive.... wait a couple of days and test again.... think Superdrug are less than 10miu where as FRES is 12miu. 

  • Just hope the superdrug one is correct, will wait till the weekend to test again I think x 

  • imageimage

    Hi ladies sorry to jump on but I was looking for some advice. we have been TTC for a long time now and recently I have had a few symptoms sore breasts, increased appetite that sort of thing. Today after work I decided to test and got this result. I then rushed to get a digital but that Came back not pregnant,

    what do you guys think? Am I wishful thinking or could this be a positive and the digital one wrong? 

    thank you xx

  • Digitals aren't as sensitive as the others.... maybe wait a few days and test again 

  • Did a superdrug test and it came back negative 😔

  • Your not out until the witch shows up hun... are your cycles normally regular? X

  • Louise - are you using first morning urine (FMU), or was the negative you got part way through the day? If you're testing before you period is due then its always best to use FMU to get the most accurate result xx

  • Always have been regular, this is first time I've been two weeks late. x 

  • Did you confirm ovulation? 

  • This is two weeks after my period is due, the negative result came after testing late afternoon x

  • If you ovulated later than expected then your period will be late. The point between OV and period never changes so if OV is late period will be late and vice versa 

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