Forgotten how hard this can be.....

Hi. I'm new to this site so please be gentle!  I have recently started trying to conceive after having to have a tfmr due to our baby being diagnosed with anencephaly at 13 weeks. For those of you who don't know anencephaly is a fatal condition which means you have very few options.It was my first pregnancy and left me and my husband devastated. I vowed I didn't want to try again but here we are.  I've been so laid back about ttc this time,  just making sure I know when the most fertile time is etc and taking my high dose folic acid. This month my period is due either Thurs or Friday but for the last week or so my breasts have been burning, stinging and feel very full and heavy, exactly how I felt when I got pregnant last time. My appetite is also a bit everywhere and my mood up and down, with crazy vivid dreams and some smacking headaches . The other months I was very much if I get my period I get my period but this month these signs have convinced me I'm pregnant however the tests have showed as negative.  I've used a clearblue digital, cheap Internet ones and a boots early one. I know a lot of you will say theres still time to get a positive as I haven't actually missed my period yet but I guess I just feel so convinced that I was pregnant that I'm annoyed the tests don't agree and I'm annoyed I've let myself get carried away thinking I am?  Im just looking for people with similar stories or good news stories to cheer me up or a bit of encouragement to say don't worry there are other months. I'm really annoyed at myself as I'm quite low and sad about it all today, which I promised myself I wouldn't do after what we've been through but it's so hard once your back in the ttc game. Thank you to anyone who has read this and any comments or experiences you think you could share to help would be gratefully received xxxxxxxx


  • Omg hun I am the same . 2 day migraine from hell. Sore boobs, thrush, weird dreams, strong sense of smell. Tried so many tests all negative but not due on till Friday. But now convince I can't be as all tests showing negative. It's so soul distorting lol xxx 

  • It is isn't it? Then I get annoyed at myself for pretty much convincing myself I am!? But I haven't even missed my period yet so still time, or is that setting myself up for another fall? Have you been pregnant before? Ive only started thinking I am coz it's so similar to before but maybe it's evil af playing tricks lol. Good luck to you xxx

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