10dpo BFN period due Monday

Hi Ladies, 

I am currently 10DPO and I am due on my period on Monday... i took a test this Morning and was BFN, it was a cheap test not a First response or clear blue. 

I was just curious has anyone ever had a BFN at 10dpo then had a BFP... do I still have a chance of being pregant this month? 

Thanks. X 


  • Hi Jade,

    Theres always a possibility, only time will tell really! You could always take another test to check though.

    Im due Sunday and facing a similar wait.

  • Hi, 

    I think I'm going to wait unti tomorrow morning I will be CD25 and 11dpo then... I've got sharp shooting pains in my breasts today and cramping. Hope it's a good sign. Let's hope we both get a BFP. X 

  • I know a lady who had BFN at 12dpo and then a BFP at 14 dpo

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