Probably being stupid 😞

Hey guys,

this is probs a stupid question but when did you guys start getting morning sickness? As I'm still in my 2 week weight but im feeling really sick and have really sore boobs( no other pregnancy sign as if yet) but I was just wondering I'd morning sickness can come this early or am I looking for signs that I might be pregnant. 

Its probaly wishful thinking that I'm pregnant as this me and my partners frist month actively trying so highly unlikely that I will.😔



  • I was about 6 weeks when mine kicked in but everybody is different some people get it early that's how they end up testing lol x

  • Hit me at 6 weeks exactly. I doubt it's morning sickness if you're in the 2WW. I was nauseous during my ovulation etc probably that! Good luck with Bfp 😁

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