Anxiety around previous chlamydia infection

ok please don't judge but about 10 years ago I found out I was infected with chlamydia, I had symptoms such as unusual discharge, bleeding in between periods and then lower abdominal pain. When the pain started I got tested and treated. I know I can only of had the infection 4-6 months, I'd broken up with my partner but were still "seeing" each other, he was seeing other people too but i wanted to get back together so badly I kid myself into thinking he still loved me.I was never tested for pelvic inflammatory disease  but had no further symptoms once treated. I'm now with the man of my dreams and we defo want children, I'm freaking out I'll be unable to conceive. I keep worrying that the abdominal pain was ruining my tubes and I'll have big problems when we start trying. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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