TTC Blues

Major TTC blues day today!

Feels like everywhere I turn people are either pregnant or have just had a baby yet still nothing for us.

I had MC about 6 years ago and it terrified me so I decided to go back on the pill until I felt I was strong enough to try again. Decided to TTC again Dec 15 but my periods still have not become regular (I have a bad feeling they were only regular due to the pill) and I have also been told I need B12 injections every 6 months. The Dr's have told me they wont even consider any tests for another year yet as DH and I are both still in our 20s image

Now I keep feeling like I've missed my one shot, wishing I hadn't waited so long to try again and if one more person asks me why DH and I don't have kids yet I may throttle them!!

Sorry everyone but I really needed to rant xx


  • Ahhh hun I know the feeling! We've been ttc for a year now and it's so frustrating everyone around me is getting pregnant!

    I had Dr's on Monday and she said to me as I was on the pill only 70% of couples conceive in the first year, 20% in second year and 10% in 3rd month so don't lose hope yet! It made me feel a bit better! 

    If the doctors won't do test perhaps you should look at some natural alternatives instead, Angus cactus, chaste tree and Helonias root are well known for harmonising and rebalanced hormones to regulate periods. X

  • Also with regards to the b12 they told my sister she needed these however she has gone down the natural path and her levels are normal, you can get these in tablets from Holland and Barrett or online also soya milk and soya bean foods are high in b12 x

  • Cheers for the advise hun, my mum is an holistic therapist so I've been speaking to her about trying some new things. I'll let you know if any of them help.

    Fingers crossed this will be the year for all of us :)

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