Hello just a question if you can ovulate without having a +Ive OPK??

Hello, I am 44 yrs old I have 5 children 2boys and 3 girls, I decided to try for my last baby since October when I had my copper coil (no hormones on it) removed on the 12th of oct, AF showed up on the 14th I then had a positive OPK on the 26th oct but AF showed up 5 days early on the 9th of November..I'm usually same time each month for AF round 30 days I then proceeded to O on the 29th of November but then I had a 46 day cycle first time ever being so late it was pure torture..AF showed up after 46 days on Christmas day, I then started another cycle and AF showed very early on cd17 on the 11th of Jan 2017 I'm now cd17 again, I decided to use OPK from cd5 2x a day, I bought Evening Primrose oil and started that and some pre seed to increase my ewcm I have been bd'ing everyday since AF finished and I started to chart my temp aswell and on cd9-cd10 my temp went low then spiked but I have not had a positive OPK since November always getting faint lines never a pure negative up till now since the 19th my OPK results are pure negative not even a sign of LH in sight, I'm worried because without LH or FSH I can't be pregnant can I? As there important even when your pregnant, I am confused, worried I did also buy FSH strip tests to see if I'm pre menopausal they both come back negative, my temps have stayed high though so I must of skipped ovulation or missed the surge I really don't know what's going on with me, sorry for the long post, anyone else ever had this?? I'm truly worrying that my eggs are not coming out..As for symptoms I was very emotional two days ago..Hot and bothered, niggly constant ache in my abdomen, but I can't be pregnant if there is no sign of LH can I?? :'(


  • imagehere is my chart so far ignore the positive OPK I did that to test the length of my luteal phase some results are questionable as I changed from orally to vaginal.

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